Tyron Bands

What are tyron bands?
With and Without Tyron Bands


Punctures and blow-outs, thankfully are not a very common occurrence these days due to the design and high manufacturing quality of modern tyres. But, however tough, however well maintained and checked, picking up penetrable debris from the roads is unavoidable.


When this happens a tyre will not normally deflate immediately but over a period of time.


As the tyre gradually deflates, air pressure inside becomes lower and heat build-up occurs until a critical point is reached, where the pressure is no longer sufficient to hold the tyre in its correct place on the wheel.

At this point, mostly in a cornering manoeuvre where extra forces are applied, the tyre bead will move from its ''seat'' against the wheel rim, freeing the remaining air (that''s normally the ''bang'' you hear). With the tyre now fully deflated, it will flap about uselessly, the rim will no longer grip the tyre and the wheel may contact the road surface. At high speeds this condition is usually fatal, however good your driving skills.


We can supply and fit tyron bands to your caravan and motorhome which could well save your life, your caravan and your car.